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We Thank Our Members For Supporting the Avon Lake Football Program
Lifetime Members
($5,000 one-time)
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Victory Hill Members
($500 annually)
Tyler Affolter
Ryan & Deborah Shoop
Peter Storer - Class of '06
Kristin Van Euwen
Aaron Weems

Victory Lane Members
($250 annually)
Kyle Stokes - Class of '06
Dan & Amy Storer
Gold Members
($125 annually)
Kevin Borst
Anthony & Julie Ferrone
Heidi Gibson
Elizabeth Good
Jerel Klue 
Samantha Mercado
Richard Packer
Chris Rau - Class of '06
Susan Schreiner
Maroon Members
($75 annually)
Doug Ambrose
Mike Foutz
Bill Scott
Mike & Melissa Smalley
Anchor Members
($40 annually)
James Bannon
Mark Bennett
Colin Chester
Amanda Cole
Michael Cummings
Maria Durbin
Amy & Greg Erlanger
Greg Faltenovich
Taylor Haley
Terry Harkness
Jennifer Heczko
Beth Heller
Kevin Hout
Terri Kuck 
Brad & Tara Kunzelman
Zac Lewis
Tim Luck 
Christopher Mares - Class of '06
Vince Marsala
Amy May
Deb Moffitt
Christine Moore
Jackie Narkowitz
John Perko 
Kelly Petkov
Brian Pettys - Class of '06
Kelly Polomsky
Vince Pipa
Brian Quigley
Jeremy & Heather Rudduck
KC Saunders
Brandy Slates
Nick & Dana Schnabel
Kristy School
Lori Smith
Cristin & Darby Walsh
Bob West

For any adjustments to the name or business listed, class, or to have your name removed, please send us a request via the contact us page 

*The active member list is updated weekly